2nd Avenue Plaza Centre | 755 Beaufort St | MT Lawley


Nexus Coffee

Your Specialty Coffee Bar

Our Mission

Nexus Bagels in Inglewood.

Nexus is an underground family-run specialty coffee store that is a hole in the wall of 2nd Ave IGA Mt. Lawley.

Our aim is to provide a coffee experience to connoisseurs and those who need our coffee fix [yesterday!] with the best coffee in Perth. But this focus on quality is only half of the equation. Louis Lam and his team of baristas want to, through our enormous range of coffee preparation methods, beans, and roasts, create a hub where people can come to relax, step out of the racing world to enjoy a caffeinated moment, and join a community with similar interests- appreciation for the finer things in life.

Nexus, latin for connection, is symbolic of the connection of the Nexus team with our customers, united in our shared passion for great coffee. Yet it also represents the union between Nexus and specialty coffee roasters in Perth, whose blends are regularly showcased in-store, the connection of Perth to the Swan river, reflecting the link between pure, fresh water in the preparation of coffee , and the store as a hub for people to come and unwind, share our stories, and interests with each other, and to reconnect in a world where touch screens and instant messaging obliterates any awareness of our surroundings and community.

Specialty Coffee

Nexus coffee in Inglewood.

At Nexus Coffee Brewers, it’s all about extracting a delicious coffee brew. Our focus is to show case the natural bean flavours from their world origins, using diverse espresso and filter coffee brewing techniques.

Our Blend and Single Origin beans are sourced fresh from passionate local Specialty Coffee Roasters who are dedicated to producing superior, specialty roast profiles.

Our passion is to create a coffee experience that engages our customers in the diverse world of coffee brewing.

Helping coffee lovers to connect with us as we discover distinct natural taste & textures from seasonally sourced specialty coffee roasters.

Homemade Treats

Nexus coffee in Inglewood.

Just like our specialty coffee, we take pride in providing our customers with seasonal, flavoursome and wholesome food.

The refined beverages are complimented with a menu of Home made sweets "Annie's Treats", Banana Bread, Dark Choc' Caramel Slice, Gluten Free Brownies or "Raw Out Loud" protein Balls / Slices, fresh sweet and savoury "Holy" bagel options, ham and cheese croissants, tomato and cheese Pita Bread toasties, and seasonal Homemade soups. We also do in-house daily baked butter croissants, pain au chocolate swirls & twists.